The reality is that in highly competitive markets the window of opportunity to achieve Page One status is rapidly closing because all of the companies that used considerable foresight are creating exclusive partnerships with SEO and website powering companies like Voss Marketing. In any given attorney market, if you have 5 or 6 law firm websites that are under exclusive partnerships with good SEO companies, it will be next to impossible to ever compete in that field online on the first page of Google in the near future.

In highly competitive markets business owners have to plant the roots "now" because the roots of your competitors are being planted, this in turn means their business will be stronger and harder to ever compete with in next couple of years. We know this first hand by how much time and effort we put into our clients website thru thousands of strategies.

We create venerable mountains that our seo competitors will have to climb to even begin to get their clients site to compete. In the beginning of seo, not so long ago, all you had to do was execute onsite changes to your website to get it to rank well on search engines. Well, times have changed dramatically, that was when some thought the internet was just a FAD!

Winning on the internet is the absolute #1 way to market any company, especially for attorneys, which makes winning on search engines ultra competitive. Before the internet was around there was YellowPages, newspaper, TV or Radio advertising and it was as easy as writing a check to win in your market. Winning on the internet is completly the opposite, it takes hard work, dediction, time and strategies that can take upwards of 1 year to achieve desired results.  If you don’t commit resources for SEO now you always have the option to advertise in print (who reads newspapers these days?), radio or TV at inflated prices and diminished results.

Every indicator shows that SEO, particularly with Google, is the single most important thing you can do to be out there when consumers are ready to consume.
Our process involves minimal work on your part, no radical redesign of your website.  We are not out to criticize anyone who has put your site together or maintains it today.  While we can offer website design, pay per click, video production and more, our absolute specialty is getting you Page One placement.

As previously mentioned Page One on google is highly competitive and as good as we are, we have to compete just like everyone else. We are developing exclusive partnerships with law firms in every major city. 

You should get started TODAY to have the absolute best chance to achieve Page One and then stay there.
We will contract exclusively with only one client in your market for the key words that can dramatically increase your revenues and profits. Call now and let us get started on your success.
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Although our core focus is search engine optimization, we also specialise in many other online marketing services to help you win online. Here is a list of what we do:


  • - Search Engine Optimization

    - Local Search

    - Video Marketing

    - Social Media

    - Web Design

    - Pay Per Click





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"In highly competitive markets the window is closing for the chance at first page placements."